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Pharma city’s Evolution and its impact on Sagar highway realty growth

As Hyderabad reinforces its strong reputation as the “Pharma Hub Of India” by attracting consistent investments from across the globe, it is obvious that the introduction of Pharma City has played a key role. The state capital is on a fast track to being a global hub for Life Sciences & Pharma sector with renowned organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Reddy’s, Biocon, Novartis, GE Health Care, Bharat Biotech, etc. already choosing this industrial park as a lucrative investment option.

In Conclusion: Areas around Pharma City turn into Business Growth Hotspots!

Despite the pandemic, the real-estate sector in Hyderabad has seen an upward trend continuously. A recent survey showed an increase of 121 percent in the annual demand for residential sales after the second quarter of 2021. It’s not surprising that the city is the only one in the nation to observe this rise. With key market players continuing to invest in the IT as well as Pharma sector and contributing to the capital’s economic growth, this demand is only going to go up.

Especially, the evolution of Pharma City has played a critical role in transforming the areas in its proximity into Real Estate Hotspots. Let’s have a look at 3 major reasons why the demand for projects surrounding this location has catapulted in a quick time!


People would love to invest in those places where there is not only good connectivity but also where there are no issues of traffic congestion. Pharma City’s adjacency to Sagar Highway on one side and Srisailam Highway on the other, both connecting some of the major cities across the State is one of the top reasons for people to consider investing in surrounding areas.

The growth of Pharma City and the infrastructure in parallel to the increased transport facilities, connectivity, and accessibility through these highways assure quick development of surrounding areas. In addition to that, the proximity of the Outer Ring Road, as well as the proposed Regional Ring Road, further boosts the real estate demand.


It is not just the economic aspect that attracts real estate investments. When it comes to the presence of pharmaceutical industries, people might be hesitant due to the pollution factor. But the sustainable design and eco-friendly infrastructure of Pharma City has put those worries of investors to rest!

The installation of essential facilities like zero liquid discharge-based common effluent Treatment Plant, solid waste management, secured landfill, use of natural gas for the heating requirement to ensure zero pollution in Pharma City and the villages surrounding it.


The Adibatla IT hub, which is just a few minutes’ drive from Pharma City, houses reputed organizations such as TCS. In addition to that, the entry of multiple IT and pharmaceutical organizations in addition to hundreds of MSMEs will generate quality employment opportunities in lakhs.

The government has also been supporting the establishment of start-ups in the industrial parks which will welcome more opportunities. Altogether, the quality employment factor plays a key role in hiking up the price appreciation in a short time.


The exponential increase in business activity combined with the government’s focus on improving the socio-economic growth has already started driving the growth of real estate in and around Pharma City and Sagar Highway. With global players coming forward with large-scale investments, a rise in the employment rate, an increase in the floating population would surely and shortly result in the hike in demand and consequently the land prices.

In conclusion, we can say that people who have chosen to invest in real estate in the areas surrounding the Pharma City and Sagar Highway are in for a real treat as they can expect an outstanding price appreciation in a quick time!