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When the term “Sustainable Living” was first coined, adapting to such a lifestyle was considered a mere choice by select few sections of the society who could afford to invest in it. As time progressed, the significance of such a lifestyle has transformed it from an option to absolute necessity, not just for our sake but for our future generations as well!

What exactly is Sustainable Living? It is a lifestyle that minimizes the negative impact on the environment and the ecological system while promoting social and economic stability. It is simply living in harmony with nature without sacrificing a convenient lifestyle.

Today, we see reputed property development organizations focusing more on the construction of Self-Sustainable Communities that not only meet all the dedicated requirements but also offer excellent comforts and amenities to the residents. So, what are the fundamental criteria for a township or a community to be regarded as sustainable? Let’s see.


We should all be well-acquainted by the concept of garbage segregation by now. It enables an easier process of recycling and ensures that landfills are not overwhelmed with the waste that could be recycled. An important eco-friendly facility that should be integrated within every community, waste management is a no-brainer!


Harvesting pits are crucial in making sure that the rainwater does not go to waste. A self-sustaining community must have water harvesting pits installed as their worth will be realized greatly during peak summers and dry seasons. This promotes self-sufficiency and reduces the over-reliance on municipally treated water.


A trending concept, especially in the limelight since the onset of covid-19, Walk To Work has gained momentum which is driving real estate players to direct their attention in building communities in such locations that promote this facility. Employees have been preferring properties in such locations from where they can reduce their commute time to work, save fuel, and be more physically active and health-conscious by walking.

As far as environmental impact is concerned, this concept inherently plays a huge role in diminishing the negative effects. You are minimizing the carbon footprint by not travelling far in your vehicle. Especially in metropolitan cities, where being stuck in traffic is expected, the carbon emissions are greatly increased. You are reducing all that impact on the environment by walking to work.


A few years ago, purchasing a property on the outskirts of a city had been the least favourable option for anyone and understandably so. In addition to work, you need to travel far for schools, hospitals, and recreation.

But with the rise of self-sustainable communities, people are inclined to invest in properties away from the city’s cacophony and pollution as these townships have all the facilities nearby. And they will be saving on time, money and effort by not travelling far for such facilities. It is a wonderful social and economic self-sustainability factor that drives the success of these communities.


One of the essential features of a self-sustainable community is the significant area dedicated to green cover. With practices such as avenue plantation, facilities such as green parks and walkways, or bicycle tracks surrounded by greenery, you promote living in harmony with nature. This serves the dual purpose of safeguarding our environment as well as promoting good health.

We, at Googee Properties, are immensely dedicated to creating self-sustainable townships by integrating all facilities and provisions that promote ecological, environmental, and social well-being. To know more about our projects, world class facilities and unique amenities, get in touch with us now.